With the rapid influx of puppies arriving into our homes following the COVID-19 Pandemic this year, we are seeing an increasing number of cries for help from new dog-owners through our Facebook page and Website.

So, for those of you experiencing this behavioural problem, read on…

1.  Any attention increases the behaviour.

2.  So if you shout at, say “No”, push your dog off, etc you will increase the behaviour.

3.  Therefore do this:

Whenever your puppy so much as touches you or anyone with his teeth, give a loud, growly yelp and freeze.  Without looking at him, saying anything more to him, or touching him, walk away slowly, calmly, and deliberately.  If necessary, walk out of the room closing the door behind you.  Soon the yelp, freezing, and end of the play will convince him that putting his teeth on humans is counterproductive.  Give him something he can chew as soon as he stops mouthing you.