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Thanks to you Murphy is now a happy, confident, sociable, loyal, obedient, gentle, calm and loving dog who brings us so much pleasure every day. I recommend you to every dog owner I meet.
Kay C.
Concept of the Balanced Dog
'You do not need to lose your head for worry or have to keep your dog permanently on a lead for fear of letting her go. Mike can provide a solution.'

Heather M.

Mike training dogs

Mike Grantham, founder of Rewarding Dogs, specialises in providing a personal service to solve your pet's problem in a caring, gentle and effective way. With an honours degree in Animal Husbandry, and over 30 years' experience in specialist behaviour training of all breeds, he has helped thousands of owners struggling with misbehaving dogs.

In addition to studying the literature and research on dog behaviour, Mike has worked with notable trainers and behaviourists including John Rogerson, Turid Ruglass, Barbara Woodhouse and many others. This knowledge, together with his long experience of rescue dogs and other difficult animals, has resulted in his unique understanding and outstanding record in the rehabilitation of problem dogs.

In the past, Mike has trained with several police forces, developing their dogs as well as successfully teaching his own to compete in Working Trials at all levels. "Ben", Mike's Airedale Terrier, gained the distinction of being the highest qualified of the breed in Britain, beating police dogs to win in the "Working Dogs" stake. Mike has judged trials for the Scottish Kennel Club, the Scottish Working Trials Society and the Associated Sheep, Police and Army Dog Society

Mike is a qualified trainer for Dog A.I.D., a charity which trains dogs for disabled people.

He has run workshops and seminars to instruct dog trainers, including teaching them how to deal with the problem of dogs which chase and even kill livestock.

Mike has featured in the media. His "Problem Dogs" series was one of the most popular with viewers and internal staff at Grampian Television. Carrie Watt, Producer, commented - 'It's been amazing to see how the dogs' behaviour has changed for the better after even a few weeks of Mike's help.'

Mike recently assisted Lincoln University in an important study to identify which training methods were the most effective and caused least stress to our pets.

He has also made a commercial DVD of specialised training methods.