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Our Training Services

Behaviour Consultation

We offer in-person sessions with the option of Zoom meetings. This has proved popular and can be followed up with an in person, outdoor session.

The Zoom meeting will last around an hour, so as to get all the background information we need and a feel for what is going on. This will give Mike an understanding of the problem and an idea of what we need to do. It will probably be followed up with a written summary of the first stage of the required behaviour modification.

What Our Clients Say

Working Cocker Spaniel

“Dubhgie is doing really well, huge improvement with recall, lead walking and keeping attention on me and not other distractions (people etc). Working on not chasing animals is ongoing but good progression and I’m confident we’ll get there with more work, time and patience”.

Dexter and Honey

Client Success Story

‘I just wanted to send you a belated thank you for the work you did with the Beagles last summer. They have come on in leaps and bounds since then. Anxiety and reactivity have both reduced enormously and they can both now recall with about 90% reliability! You are a miracle worker.

Thanks for everything”.

FAQs on Dog Behaviour Consultations

Find answers to common questions about our dog behavior consultations below.

At what age should I consider taking my pup to training classes?

As soon as it can go out after completing its course of inoculations. There is no upper age limit in place.

Do dog whistles work and are they effective?

They work effectively if you teach your dog to respond.

What are your fees for behavior consultations?

Our fees are competitive and reflect the quality and personalised approach of our services. Where there is a single in-person consultation, the charge is £175 regardless of the time involved. Mileage is 45 pence a mile outside of Inverness.