Dog’s name and Breed Fun Survey 2020

Is your dog an Archie or an Arthur, an Annie or a Betsy?

These are just four of the old-fashioned names given to our pets over the years. But what are the most popular here in Scotland and the rest of the UK during 2020?

For some light relief, and we do need it lately; let’s find out what the most popular names are given to our dogs these days. As for the most popular breeds, are they “Doodles” or “Frenchies”, “Rotties” or “Staffies”?

Your guess will be as good as ours, so by completing our quick survey we will hopefully get some answers. We will publish the ongoing results of this survey on our Website and Facebook page on a regular basis.

Thank you for participating and please feel free to share this post. Mike Grantham To make sure you are the first to see the results, please like our page.

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