Introducing new exercises and behaviour modifications in small steps helps your dog to understand exactly what you want in any place and any situation. By following this sequence over a few weeks, he/she will learn to respond to you anywhere, even with distractions.

So that you have control at all times, attach a long line when you move to places outside the house and garden.

For each exercise:

  • Start where there are no distractions for you or for your four-legged friend.

  • As soon as they get the idea, after a couple of days or so, continue in many different locations, still without distractions. You may have to reteach the exercise from the beginning in new places or with distractions, but it will become easier each time.

  • Build up the duration of the exercise. For example, start a “Look at me” (or “Focus”) exercise with just a few seconds of eye contact, building up to a minute within a week.

  • Repeat the exercises with minor distractions or diversions in the distance.

  • In a few days or weeks, depending on their progress, gradually move closer to the distractions, until they ignore them. Find as many different distractions as you can.

  • Steps 1-5 are essential if you want your dog to pay attention anywhere.