Social Distancing Update @ 12.5.2021

We have been in touch with the local authority who lets out the Hall where our classes are held. Currently, NHS Scotland is making full use of this facility by delivering the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is a possibility that this arrangment is likely to end in about 3/4 weeks time. We will update both this page on our Website and on our Facebook page.

We are unable to accept advance bookings for when the training sessions start, so, please follow our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Thanking you in advance for your patience,

Mike Grantham.


Moving forward with Zoom Meetings & Home Visits

So, how does this work?

Following the latest situation regarding COVID-19, we would like to update you on the services we can offer

There is still the option of a Zoom meeting or for those who do not use Zoom, a phone session is available. This has proved to be very popular

This can now be followed-up by an in-person session with up-to two members of your household outside of your home. This will be in accordance with the current ‘social distancing rules and regulations’. We are of course limited to visits within the Highlands for the time being.

The Zoom meeting will last around an hour, so as to get all the background information we need and a feel for what is going on. This will give Mike an understanding of the problem and an idea of what we need to do. It will probably be followed up with a written summary of the first stage of the required behaviour modification.

The in-person, or face-to-face session may last 2 to 4 hours and will deal hands on with the specific problems. Most cases will not require further visits but will have free phone/email backup and support. Sometimes, more than one visit (or another Zoom session) may be necessary. Again, a written summary is provided as a hard copy in an easy to read A5 format and also via email.

Our charge is £40 per hour. We add time involved in writing to the hourly rate. Mileage is 45 pence a mile outside of Inverness.

Happy with this arrangement?

What’s the next step?

Complete our ‘Consultation booking form’ on the Website, or call us on 01463 230 757 if you would like further information.

Both your safety and ours are of course our priority,

Stay safe, everyone.

Mike Grantham
Rewarding Dogs – Inverness


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