Social Distancing Rules 

Following the slight easing of social gathering stipulations, we wish to update you on the services we are now offering.

Moving forward with Zoom Meetings

So, how does this work?

Mike will hold a Zoom Meeting with you at your home for about an hour as part of the initial assessment.

In the video session, Mike will gather information about your pet and discuss the problems. The meeting would ideally include any other person with direct control over your dog.

Mike will task you with a couple of exercises to try in advance of progressing to the next stage.

If the social distancing regulations change, alternative tactics will come into play.

Happy with this arrangement?

What’s the next step?

Complete our ‘Consultation booking form’ on the Website, or give us a call on 01463 230 757 if you would like further information.

This page was last updated on 20th June 2020.

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