Socialisation Classes

Socialisation classes form an integral part of the 9-week beginners’ training courses in Inverness.

They are also run as separate outdoor classes each summer, as seen in this clip below. These classes are carefully regulated, but after about 4 weeks we have most or all dogs safely off-lead. There are usually 5 outdoor sessions in July/August, each lasting approximately an hour, total cost is £40 payable at the first class.

These sessions help dogs learn how to act sensibly with other dogs they may meet outside. Dogs which are antisocial or aggressive probably need one or two individual lessons before they are ready for the socialisation class.

We publish the dates on our Facebook page in addition to the website. Places are limited, so once the dates are published, please get in touch with us. We will make contact with you by telephone to discuss your dog and it’s behaviour around other dogs.

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