We had three terriers, Isla, aged ten, her daughter Rhona aged seven, and Brodie aged five, who was from a different bloodline. All three dogs got on well, played well together, Isla was the dominant one, as the other two would wait for her to bark at strangers before they gave voice. Suddenly Isla became ill and died over the space of a few days. Both Rhona and Brodie and us became very sad and the dogs looked very depressed.
After three months we decided to get another terrier. Previously Brodie had attacked an elderly Fox Terrier we had acquired from a friend who died so we decided a female puppy of the same breed as Rhona and Brodie from the same breeder would be suitable.
We went to fetch Lucy who was fifteen weeks old. We took the other two dogs with us. In the car, on the way back Brodie was trying to get at the puppy all the time and we assumed he wanted to make friends with her. The next day without warning he seized Lucy and tried to kill her. He injured my husband but fortunately, he got Lucy away from Brodie without harm although he had drawn blood. Things went from bad to worse. Brodie spent every minute of every day trying to get at the puppy and attacking anyone who got in the way. Never before had he attacked people. He was very tense and unhappy. Also, he started to bite Rhona which he had not done before.
Our vet was consulted who first tried tranquillisers, but these did not work. He then suggested castration, we went ahead but this did not work, we had to keep both dogs separate at all times. Life was extremely difficult and this went on for weeks. Eventually, as our vet said we had to consider euthanasia for Brodie and we wanted to make sure we had exhausted all alternatives, our vet suggested yourself, Mike.
You came to see us, spent a long time with us, and showed us how to begin to control the situation. It took some months following your guidance of intensive training but Brodie is a much more relaxed dog thanks to your advice, he walks obediently on the lead, which he had never done before. All three dogs travel quite happily in the car although in separate cages. Brodie no longer bites Rhona or attempts to bite Lucy unless she really winds him up. He is fine with people. You showed us how Brodie had lost his boundaries when Isla died and that also part of his reaction was genetic.
We still keep Brodie muzzled whenever he is with Lucy but the three dogs are a family again and everything is relaxed. The muzzle is a small price to pay. Without your help, we would have lost one if not two of our dogs.
We cannot thank you enough for your expert guidance and advice.

Thank you again and best wishes