Hi Mike,

You might remember you came to see Jacqui and myself about some behavioural issues with our, then, 9 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Coire.

Coire is now 16 months and I think its probably fair to say that all the hard work is paying off. She is now off lead on most walks with great recall even when she sees other dogs. Her manners with other dogs and people are night and day compared to 7 months ago and she’s grown into a dog thats relaxing to walk and be around both on and off lead. She can also be taken happily into the odd cafe or pub for lunch and can be relied on to blag free food from people by lying patiently, and waiting for the unsuspecting to bring some treats.

She has her moments as with all dogs and the work never stops but the advice you gave was excellent and has made a massive difference to all of us.

Thanks again Mike, attached is a pic of Coire patiently waiting for Jon to catch up on a recent trail run. You are always welcome to pop by for a cup of tea.