I approached Mike – who had been recommended to me – to assist with strong chase instincts and biting an 8 year old girl. I had been formally charged under the dangerous dogs act and a court appearance beckoned. To me, my 2 silver Labradors could do no wrong but it soon became evident that I needed help.

Mike has been fantastic. We worked together at various locations over 3 months and completely changed the behaviour of the dogs. As a result, Mike was able to prepare a statement for the court which helped keep the dogs from being destroyed. His techniques, experience and knowledge of dog behaviour are unparalleled and without his invaluable help I would not have my dogs with me today.

Mike understands what I (as a dog owner) needed to do – most of it was a change in my behaviour. His teaching methods and soft spoken approach hit the nail of the head. I owe him an invaluable amount of gratitude and would highly recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their dog.