It’s been three years now since you started working with Murphy and so I wanted to drop you a little line and let you know how he is getting on. I’m not sure if you remember the masses of issues poor Murphy had….mainly around his confidence, he was scared of EVERYTHING – cars, people, houses, stairs, children, traffic, ladders, loud noises – and he was equally obsessed with cats, rabbits, birds, and other dogs!

Anyway, thanks to you Murphy is now a happy, confident, sociable, loyal, obedient, gentle, calm, and loving dog who brings us so much pleasure every day. He has learned to look to me for guidance when he is unsure and is no longer stressed when going into new situations. He is great at walking on the lead and still loves to come running with me. We have him well socialised with lots of different dogs, from Poppy the Dalmatian to Yogi the Rottweiler – he even plays with Buddy, a Border Terrier. Some of his dog friends come for ‘sleepovers’, which he loves. He is also very respectful of Honey, and they are very close – no more jumping on her.

The problems which took a bit longer to work at were his love of rabbits, which sometimes is still a work in progress, but only a very minor issue now – he can actually walk past a rabbit with a ‘watch’ command – and his anxiety at visitors coming into the house.

Murphy found it difficult having strangers in the house, he would go up to the door, bark and then growl at whoever came in, it didn’t help that we don’t have many visitors! So we took him to my mums for a holiday. My mum has my Grandma living with her, and my Grandma has carers coming to the house four times a day – excellent training ground. So we briefed the carers the way you taught me, and we got them to change the way they came in – i.e. ring, knock, shout, walk-in quietly – we went for three weeks, it took him 3 days! He very quickly learned to go to the hall, stand about ten feet from the door, bark once then lie down – no growling. I was so proud of him. And we have found that he only barks if we aren’t near the door if someone is around the door when the bell rings, be just goes to his place and lies quietly. We brought him home and have never looked back, no more problems.

Anyway, as you can see I am very proud of my beautiful boy, but none of it would have been possible without you. You gave me the tools and taught me how to use them – and all that basic training is still relevant now – if we come across a problem, we just go back to it. The other amazing thing is that all the hard work has resulted in Murphy and I have this amazing relationship that I’ve never had with any of my other dogs, there’s this bond between us that I can’t quite describe, and to see him happy, content and secure is worth all the hard work in the world! So thank you, Mike! Murphy and I are very grateful.

Hope you don’t mind, I included some pictures of him too. I hope this finds you well, a few of my friends are employing your services, and I know you are still working wonders. I recommend you to every dog owner I meet.

Kindest Regards,