What you can expect

We designed our Dog Training programme for beginners and those with some or a lot of experience in owning a dog.

There are 5 stages in the programme and we list them below:


Typically lasting a full morning or afternoon (longer if necessary), the initial consultation will take place in your pet’s home environment. A detailed case history will be taken, and the problem fully analysed.


Working together we will design an individually tailored behaviour modification programme suited to the needs of you and your pet. You will be shown how to apply the programme and coached on handling your own dog.


Within a few days, a comprehensive written summary of the recommendations will be provided for your future reference.

Vet's Record

A brief case report will be sent to keep your vet informed.


In at least 80% of cases, the initial consultation solves the problems. In a minority of cases, a follow-up visit may be required. This will assess your dog’s progress and coach you through any difficulties that may have arisen.

Additional Visits

Charged at £40 per hour including –

Progress assessment
Obedience training sessions

Speak to your Vet

Ask to be referred to Rewarding Dogs, you may be able to claim on your pet insurance.

Charges can vary

Charges can vary according to the time, complexity and risk involved.

Help always given

Help is not refused to those unable to afford the full cost.