It’s now winter with a vengeance, which means something is happening. It happens every year. It’s the season of dog’s behaviour regressing.

Every year around this time, we get emails and calls on the same theme. The stories vary but they are on the lines that: “My dog was doing well. But the last couple weeks his/her behaviour has been going backwards.”

There’s a common theme that dogs aren’t getting enough of the right type of mental and physical exercise. The weather is getting colder and wetter, which keeps many owners indoors so their dogs aren’t getting out and about as they need to. The dogs become frustrated with pent up energy, which has to find an outlet.

Your dog still has the same needs even with bad weather! Dogs need time where he or she is out and about, moving in a structured way, no pulling and some focusing on you, which is what it takes to keep him calm and content.

Dogs who get that structured level of exercise, as well as time to sniff, run and play, are less likely to show aggression, be destructive, whine, amongst other bad behaviour.

I know it may not be much fun to walk for a half hour in the driving rain or frozen snow, but your dog will thank you for it and his/her behaviour will be much better.

Keep warm & dry!