It has been over two years since we used Mike’s service but please be assured although we haven’t written a testimony, we shout his names from the roof tops.

We got in touch with Mike a short time after rescuing our dog, Pablo. It was very clear to us that Pablo was a difficult dog and we needed the right guidance to tackle these issues. Pablo was a reactive dog, we didn’t get much information on his past but we did know that he had never been socialised. This was obvious when walking Pablo as his behaviour to dogs was not acceptable and quite frankly embarrassing.

With the help from Mike, we went to work on not letting him away with his nonsense. Mike really showed us how to handle him properly and tackle his difficult behaviour. I remember Mike saying, “3 months and you should see a difference”. While we saw the difference in smaller areas in the bigger areas I still struggled. But I persevered and after 9 months I saw all the hard work we’d put in really come together.

The big thing for me is how in control of any situation I feel. Mike really helped my confidence in handling Pablo and for that I am really thankful!

Over the course of two years, we have had comments telling us to get our dog under control to what a well trained dog. All the hard work has been worth it.

Mike is defiantly the trainer for you if you want a no nonsense approach. Mike is fantastic at what he does and we’re so thankful for all he did to help us give Pablo the best quality of life!