Mike’s techniques work

 because they are:


Kind, gentle and natural.


Individually tailored to your own dog.


Based on modern understanding and up-to-date knowledge and research.


Backed with over 30 years of practical experience.


Proven to be effective.

Welcome to Rewarding Dogs, where we understand the challenges of dealing with misbehaving canines. Mike, our experienced trainer, has developed effective and gentle techniques inspired by human psychology to address specific behaviors in pet dogs. Whether your furry friend habitually ignores you, defies your commands, or even growls at you, our tailored methods can help. With over 30 years of practical experience and a deep understanding of modern research, our training techniques are proven to be kind, gentle, and natural. Book a consultation today and experience the positive difference Mike’s techniques can make for you and your beloved dog.

Millie and Molly – Silver Labradors

Millie_and_Mollie - Silver Labradors

I approached Mike – who had been recommended to me – to assist with strong chase instincts and biting an 8 year old girl. I had been formally charged under the dangerous dogs act and a court appearance beckoned. To me, my 2 silver Labradors could do no wrong but it soon became evident that… Read more “Millie and Molly – Silver Labradors”

Ron T

Pepsi the Border Collie Labrador X

Pepsi on grass

Hello my name is Pepsi, I am a 3 year old male collie cross lab. My Mum and Dad chose me from Munlochy Animal Aid when I was 6 months old, they never had a dog before so weren’t quite sure how to train me. I was a good boy in the house but could… Read more “Pepsi the Border Collie Labrador X”

Aggression, Nervousness or Fear