Mike’s techniques work



because they are:


Kind, gentle and natural.


Individually tailored to your own dog.


Based on modern understanding and up-to-date knowledge and research.


Backed with over 30 years of practical experience.


Proven to be effective.

Having noticed points of similarity in dysfunctional behaviour of problem toddlers and misbehaving canines, Mike modified some of the latest methods from human psychology to treat specific behaviour in pet dogs. These effective but gentle techniques can be particularly helpful with dogs who habitually ignore and defy their owners or, worse still, growl at them.

Dexter & Honey the Beagles

Dexter and Honey

I just wanted to send you a belated thank you for the work you did with the Beagles last summer. They have come on in leaps and bounds since then. Anxiety and reactivity have both reduced enormously and they can both now recall with about 90% reliability! You are a miracle worker. Thanks for everything,

Anxiety, Recall

Logan the German Shepherd


Logan started training classes with an APDT member at 13 weeks old and was a star from the beginning while in the class. I did mention to the trainer on the first night that he did play-bite an awful lot. I have had a GSD before and other dogs, but never had one that mouthed… Read more “Logan the German Shepherd”

Pauline & Ray Philip
Chasing animals, Ignoring you, Mouthing
Silhouettes of dogs - Rewarding Dogs
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