Mike’s techniques work



because they are:


Kind, gentle and natural.


Individually tailored to your own dog.


Based on modern understanding and up-to-date knowledge and research.


Backed with over 30 years of practical experience.


Proven to be effective.

Having noticed points of similarity in dysfunctional behaviour of problem toddlers and misbehaving canines, Mike modified some of the latest methods from human psychology to treat specific behaviour in pet dogs. These effective but gentle techniques can be particularly helpful with dogs who habitually ignore and defy their owners or, worse still, growl at them.

Pippin the Terrier


Pippin is a rescue dog and he was just over a year old when I acquired him. I very quickly discovered he would chase sheep. I certainly didn’t want a dog that would have to be on a lead for the rest of its life. I contacted Mike and with his guidance and support, I… Read more “Pippin the Terrier”

Chasing animals

Tasso the German Shepherd


We adopted our German Shepherd Tasso in August 2014 when he was 9 months old. When we got him, Tasso had had no training whatsoever and had been already in 3 different homes. From day one it seemed almost impossible to ‘tame’ him. The training sessions with a local dog trainer produced no tangible results.… Read more “Tasso the German Shepherd”

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Chasing animals, Pulling
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