Mike’s techniques work



because they are:


Kind, gentle and natural.


Individually tailored to your own dog.


Based on modern understanding and up-to-date knowledge and research.


Backed with over 30 years of practical experience.


Proven to be effective.

Having noticed points of similarity in dysfunctional behaviour of problem toddlers and misbehaving canines, Mike modified some of the latest methods from human psychology to treat specific behaviour in pet dogs. These effective but gentle techniques can be particularly helpful with dogs who habitually ignore and defy their owners or, worse still, growl at them.

Saffie the Slovakian rough-haired pointer

Slovak wire-haired pointer

Hi Mike, You came over to Aviemore over a year ago to help me with my Slovakian rough-haired pointer, Saffie, and I’ve felt guilty for not being in touch with you sooner but thought you might wonder what happened to us seeing as you didn’t hear from us afterwards. Anyway, we got on great with… Read more “Saffie the Slovakian rough-haired pointer”

Nervousness or Fear, Separation issues

Kaya the Alaskan Malamute


We collected our 8 weeks old Alaskan Malamute, Kaya with full knowledge of the breed. We knew they were renowned for their stubbornness and strong temperament both mentally and physically and we desperately wanted to do the best we could for Kaya and avoid her joining the high statistics of Malamutes that are returned to… Read more “Kaya the Alaskan Malamute”

Rachael Buchan
Puppy training, Recall
Silhouettes of dogs - Rewarding Dogs
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