I just thought you might like to know that Breac is improving out of all recognition. I had friends staying last week who hadn’t seen him since February, and they could hardly believe the difference – they kept commenting on how calm he was. And today I walked him along part of the West Highland Way. People he just ignored – rucksacks and walking poles and all. Then we met four dogs all off the lead – I had him on a lead in case of deer, ground-nesting birds, etc., and he accepted their attentions with only a slight demur when one of the dogs put his chin on Breac’s shoulder – a move which six months ago would have at least led to resistance, if not serious objection! Walking him now is a pleasure, not a nightmare, and we are both very grateful to you!

2 months later:
I felt I had to give you another update on Breac – last week he was invited to a wedding picnic! We all went down to the beach afterward for champagne and sandwiches, they said to bring my dogs.

I took Breac, who behaved impeccably. Everyone said what a well-behaved dog he was; I could hardly believe it. Even when other dogs came past, he showed interest but didn’t bark or lunge. He and Jennie (their dog) played a bit, and then he settled down beside me on a rug and watched proceedings calmly.

All my summer visitors comment on how much calmer he is.
Thank you again for your help,