Hi Mike,

I found your letter re Flake’s programme while I was sorting out the filing cabinet and thought you might like an update a year on!

Flake has really transformed this last year – everyone who knows us and knows the dog agrees – he is a different dog. He is so much more chilled out, relaxed, happy, obedient, easy to be around – easy to manage. We are also more relaxed around him and that makes a difference, obviously.

Our confidence in him has increased by seeing how responsive he is, and that has, in turn, helped him. He still (sometimes) barks at people who come to the house, but he stops pretty quickly. He is more sociable with other dogs, other owners, and other people. He comes back, walks to heel.

He made friends with everyone at our home in the Highlands before we left – including Alex, our downstairs neighbour, whom Flake had a particular anxiety about.

Thanks for all your help – hope life is good for you,

Best wishes,

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