Gemma was a rescue dog with many problems! She chased cars, pulled excessively on the lead, barked and jumped up frantically at anyone who came to the house, and on walks was wary of and snappy with other dogs. After a walk in heavy rain, she would be terrified of a towel being wrapped around to dry her. She had to remain wet! Being a collie-cross she needs a lot of exercise off the lead and at first (and for a long time) easily ‘got lost’!

We have had Gemma since she was 7 months old. She is now 5. With a great deal of help from Mike Grantham, and by using some special behavioural modification methods, Gemma has changed from being an extremely difficult to control, over-excitable dog, into a much calmer dog who blends in with our family life.

She no longer pulls on the lead and is much easier to manage when people come to the house, including young children and babies, She is happy with other dogs, and only occasionally mildly interested in moving cars. And she loves being dried after a wet walk. Also, most important, she comes when called!