Hello Mike,

It is almost two months since you had Glen for training and we wanted to let you know that he is totally transformed and to thank you very much for everything you did for him. He no longer runs off nor is he constantly looking around at everything except us when we go out for a walk.

He no longer chases the rabbits and squirrels he meets every day and we have taken him close to sheep and even met some deer and after a good look, he turned away and followed us.

He is calmer and I think happier and without hesitation, we are so pleased that we came to you and just wish we had done it sooner. We really appreciated you taking Glen for his initial training and then also coming to ‘the scene of the crime’ to help us here. Walks that used to be stressful are now a pleasure and the long line is a thing of the past.

Thank you very much from us and from Glen.

Kind regards,