Hello my name is Pepsi, I am a 3 year old male collie cross lab.
My Mum and Dad chose me from Munlochy Animal Aid when I was 6 months old, they never had a dog before so weren’t quite sure how to train me. I was a good boy in the house but could be very disobedient when out on our walkies. Eventually once we got to know each other I started to respond to their commands and our outings were much more fun.

Then mum and dad gradually became aware that I was frightened of loud noises especially gun fire and fireworks. They got really worried when I started to run away and hide. One day I went missing for 4 hours when I heard gunfire and then one day we were caught in a thunderstorm and I collapsed in fear and then also became afraid of aeroplanes.
Mum and Dad weren’t enjoying our outings so much, and Mum didn’t like taking me out on her own anymore. It was then decided that I needed help to try and overcome my fear of noises. After various suggestions and advice from many people, none of which helped Me, a friend of mum and dad’s recommended “MR MIKE THE DOGGY MAN”.
After a few months and referring back to MR MIKE for help and advice which he was always keen to give, Mum and Dad noticed that I was becoming a lot more confident and not nearly so frightened of the noises. I haven’t ran away in a long time and now prefer to stay close to mum and dad. I no longer have to worry about things for myself as they now do it for me, and life is a lot more fun for all of us.
MR MIKE also showed Mum and Dad how to take a bone away from me and when I growled, they bribed me with cheese and I soon learned and I now give them my bone as I know that they’ll give it back to me. In fact he taught us all a lot, and was a great help with any other problems we had.
So all you doggies out there if you have any worries at all MR MIKE will help you all he can.
He is not a bad old chap and he does have nice doggie treats.